Language Jam is back!!!

You can now register for the next Language Jam on October 19-21. Go here to register!

Here is the timeline for the next one:

what is different compared to the last one?

There are slight changes due to the feedback from the first language jam. Because most people who were studying a language with a new script only basically managed to learn the script during the weekend, those who get a language with a new script get extra days to learn. In addition there will be extra research time to collect materials and book lessons and stuff, so that you can actually use the whole weekend studying. There is only the 3 day challenge, but you can do this as you choose. So if you want to do other things during the weekend, that’s totally ok.

Also the website is new and revamped. When you register you get a temporary username that you can use to retrieve your language on the day when the research time starts (on 12.10.).  I understood this is when you get your language whether it’s a new script language or not. This is for fun, so the point is to play fair.

i’m so excited!!!

I really liked my first language jam experience, although I made some mistakes with my approach. This is why I’m super excited about the next one. This will happen around my move, though, so I don’t know if I have time to actually study my language. I hope I do. But I won’t stress about it too much. I still want to be a part of this!

There are no requirement or rules besides the timeline. So, I would encourage anyone to try. The more time you can use for this, the more fun you probably have. But I think it will be fun in any case. I wonder which language I will get this time…

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