S’mae y ddysgwyr Cymraeg! – Dabbling in Welsh

S’mae y ddysgwyr Cymraeg! – Hello Welsh learners!


In my language learning resources page, I list the Fluent Show as one of the podcasts I listen to regularly. When the podcast host, Kerstin, announced that she will have new course available, I was intrigued. Especially because this wasn’t your normal language course, but it was about dabbling in Welsh.

My language learning is not very goal oriented, I’m randomly studying whatever language strikes my fancy. For this language dabbling is a perfect concept. The idea is that you try something, spend some time and play with the language, but don’t necessarily spend a huge amount of time to actually learn the language. It’s a bit like the concept behind LangJam, which was also something I immensely enjoyed.

So, as I mentioned, this seemed like a perfect course for me. I’m also a patron of the Fluent Show and this gave me a small discount, but I think I would’ve done this anyway, the price wasn’t bad. If you like to take a look at the course, you can find it here.  It is still available, just without the live session, which you can watch a recording of.

so, How was the course?

I LOVED IT!!! The time was kind of horrible for me, but this is to be expected when you have an international thing. In California it was at 8am, but I was on a night schedule at work, so I went to bed late, slept a few hours, did the live session, and went back to sleep. Maybe missed some stuff because of being slightly sleepy, but the recording is there and I can always go back to it.

We had a glance at the history of Welsh and the status of the language today. Then we actually learned to say some things. The pronunciation part was really enlightening and learning that w is actually a vowel, makes Welsh texts less intimidating. We did learn to say a few things, unfortunately this was the part of the course I felt most sleepy (not due to the content, but I was just so sleepy…), but the awesome part is, that I can go back and rewatch anything I missed. In the end Kerstin talked about the things she enjoys in Welsh and we could also ask questions. The question part is obviously something that won’t happen if you take the course later, but I think this is minor thing.

Maybe I would’ve liked a bit more actual language learning, but definitely got a taste of Welsh and this was about dabbling anyway. In any case, the course materials include a really good list of resource materials. This is especially valuable for a language like Welsh, where the resources are a bit more scarce. It’s nice to  see that there are resources to choose from. So there’s definitely something to go on with, if you decide to actually learn Welsh.

All in all, Kerstin is planning similar courses for other languages. I can’t wait! I mean, I don’t need more languages for my learning list, but… I like that this is a very low investment course and you still get a lot out of it, especially if you put in the effort. But if you don’t you still come away with an appreciation of a new language! I will definitely keep an eye on the future courses!

Picture from We Learn Welsh

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