Russian resource: Розенталь и Гильденстерн episodes 1-8 transcribed

Lately, I have just tried to keep up my Russian, but when Olly Richards had the tip to make your own resource: to pay a native to transcribe audio for you to study, I thought I’d like to study one of the podcasts I’m listening to. One of my favorite ones is a Russian linguistics podcast produced by Медуза: Розенталь и Гильденстерн (see all their podcasts in YouTube Подкасты Медузы / Meduza Podcasts).

So, I used Upwork to find someone to transcribe some episodes for me. I decided I had $100 to spend on this, and that got me 8 episodes, which I thought was a decent deal. So, I picked the first 8 episodes of the podcast and made a playlist for them in YouTube, and send the link to the person doing the transcription. This was pretty easy all things considered. Also, if I would’ve only wanted one episode, I could’ve used lot less money.

I thought this was a pretty amazing way to create resources for yourself, and I will definitely use this in the future. I’ve even seen in iTalki that some of the teachers also do transcription (and you could probably pay someone to do it for you). Or, alternatively to record audio for you, if you have a text you’d like to study.

This post is all about sharing, the idea was always not to keep this material for me only, but to share it with anyone who is interested. So, here is the link to the playlist with the episodes: Розенталь и Гильденстерн transcribed episodes and the here you can download the zip file of the transcripts: Transcripts of Розенталь и Гильденстерн episodes 1-8.

Hopefully someone else finds this useful also. I haven’t actually worked with these, so if you notice errors and such, feel free to comment and I will make sure to correct the files!

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