Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a language addict… Well, in all seriousness I try to learn too many languages and get frustrated when I have to make choices. I decided to do this blog thing, when I realized I actually know quite a lot about language learning and also, my native language being Finnish, I’ve realized I find different things hard in new languages than people whose native language is English or other Indo-European language. Hopefully people find my thoughts helpful or at least entertaining.

You can read a longer introduction here.

Quick note about categories and tags: I use categories to define the subject of the posts and tags to specify in which language they are in. So far all the posts are in English (in August 2017), but this is not the case in the future as I plan to have posts in Finnish and also in the other languages I speak. In other languages than Finnish or English I will most likely make many mistakes, but it’s also a practice for me and a good reminder that you don’t need to be perfect to use the language.