Language learning resources

I won’t list here every resource available. I will only recommend things that I use or for some reason don’t but where I see the value. You won’t see any flashcard apps/websites here, because that’s not how I learn languages.

General language learning resources

Resources I use and love:

My favorite language learning service is italki,where you find teachers and tutors from all over the world. Use this link to sign up and once you book a lesson, you get $10 for free to use on any lesson (and so do I!).

LingQ is another favorite. I’m not really using it with their provided courses, but I’m uploading my own texts to study them. Mostly using my courses I’ve bought, which means I don’t share them publicly. Later possibly also free stuff like websites and blog posts. I find it very valuable as an addition to other sources.

Podcasts and blogs about languages and learning (that I listen or read regularly):

The Fluent Show podcast and Fluent website – A website and podcast are hosted by Kerstin who speaks 8 languages and is also a language teacher. No quick fluency promises (the way I like it).

I will teach you a language podcast and blog are full of good advice and I agree on many things with Olly, so I enjoy listening and reading a lot.

Other blogs and podcasts

Fluent in 3 months blog seemed a bit arrogant to me at first, but I occasionally read posts and there are a lot of good tips and I like the idea of making language learning more approachable. It concentrates on speaking and not studying much grammar, which I don’t completely agree with. However, if this is the style that works for you, you will most likely find it amazing.

Language specific resources


Beginner Resources


Advanced resources